Written by Carmela Slansky
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Looking for a Nutronix Product?

Nutronix is just one of several astute companies that are marketing some intriguing health products coming from all over the world in the US. Other companies, along with Nutronix have realized that we're all hungry for the health secrets that some countries have been using successfully to help with a number of health problems. In other words, they're dealing with health products whose time "has come!"

Among the most popular Nutronix products is the now famous Shu Li pouches that are being successfully used by so many to detox and relieve some types of pain. The matter that you will find inside a Shu Li pouch comes from the Korean Mandarin tree and has some pretty amazing properties.

Nutronix and Shu Li

Aside from relieving certain minor pain conditions, a Shu Li pouch can also help with sleep disorders. It is known to support better circulation too. But its main use is for detoxing. Shu Li can actually absorb toxins from the body right out through the skin. The company says that the best way to do this is to strap the Shu Li pouch in place on the soles of the feet over the spot that corresponds with the point of the body that you are experiencing pain from. Or, you can use the pouch straight over the painful spot.

Of course Nutronix have a whole range of useful products aside from these detoxing pouches. But don't forget that there are many sources of these valuable health secrets from the Far East and elsewhere now. We're all catching on to the secret health solutions that do not involve the use of drugs!

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Why did Nutronix stop carrying Shu Li?

I know a little about this issue. However, those patches were so amazing. I had a bad elbow for weeks. Then I wore those things for three days and I could touch my hand to my face again! I am very disappointed that Nutronix doesn't carry these anymore. The new carrier has problems with some computers not letting you procede to check out. I have talked to the owner by phone and she can't figure out why some people like myself can't purchase by their computer. I am going to go back to the present Shu Li site. If that doesn't work, I will check with my Nutronix friends to see if anyone has a stockpile of Shu Li boxes.