Pasta Toppers

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Pasta toppers are a more healthy way to enjoy your favorite pasta dishes. While many pasta dishes are served with heavy sauces full of fat, cholesterol, and calories, you can now top your pasta with more balanced ingredients. It's like pasta sauce without all the fat.

Contemporary cooking techniques are including more and more options for those of us who are watching our weight, cholesterol, and general health. While methods like heavy sauces and deep frying are quickly losing ground as standard cooking practices, people are looking for lighter ways to flavor their food. Having one of many available pasta toppers on hand is a great way to do just that.

Versatility of Pasta Toppers

These pasta seasonings can be used for a variety of flavoring possibilities. You can blend them with a mild oil, like grapeseed, and use as a light and delicious pasta sauce. Grapeseed oil has a multitude of health benefits in and of itself, and its mild flavor doesn't overpower other flavors its paired with. I like to sprinkle them dry onto other foods, like popcorn, for a zesty snack.

You can buy pasta toppers in your favorite classic flavors, like alfredo sauce, from a variety of gourmet foods retailers. Look online for a good selection of pasta seasonings and ideas for how to use them. Experiment with them on other foods, like meats, veggies, and potatoes to create your own signature recipes.

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