Portable Saunas

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Portable saunas are an absolutely brilliant idea. Whether you prefer portable saunas in the traditional dry sauna vein, or whether you prefer portable steam rooms, your body will thank you for making this wonderful purchase. Many portable saunas come on casters, so that they can be rolled from your gym room to your pool side to your garage. Best of all, if you plan to sell your home or are currently renting, you'll be able to take your sauna with you when you go!

Portable Saunas and Sauna Benefits

Portable saunas provide the same physical benefits that traditional sauna rooms do. They help the body to relax and detoxify. Your body is constantly in a state of defending itself against and ridding itself of toxins. These can include organics, like the mucous or plaque or acids created by your own metabolic systems.

They can include dyes, preservatives, and other synthetics in the foods you eat. Toxins can include heavy metals in the water you drink or the microscopic flakes of paint you inhale in your office. They can include the car fumes you breathe on your way to work, and the alcohol, caffeine, salt, or other junk you consume for temporal pleasure.

All this junk sneaks into the body. The internal organs work like gangbusters to stop the junk, and boot it out. We eliminate this foul stuff by urinating, defecating, exhaling, and sweating. Every time you sweat, your body tosses out little bundles of junk just like it was garbage night in the suburbs. Saunas benefit you doubly. First, they make your internal organs think you have a fever, so they start eliminating waste more forcefully. Second, they make you sweat, which helps you rid yourself of the junk more quickly.

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