Q Ray

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Q Ray Bracelet

Q Ray is the name of the first and original ionized bracelet. It is also known as an ionized bracelet or a balance bracelet. This bracelet was designed to help pain suffers and also improve energy levels. An indication of how successful it is in this direction is how many athletes and performers actually wear Q Ray products.

They work by balancing the subtle electrical impulses in the body, sometimes called energy channels. These are all too often out of balance in today's world, because our energy channels can be affected by so much that is common to our world now. Take electrical appliances, overhead cables, microwave emissions and more. These can all affect the way our bodies work. The Q Ray is designed to reimpose balance.

Why Use a Q Ray?

The effect is that pain disappears, or at least is greatly relieved in many cases. In addition, we may find that our energy levels are all of a sudden much better. This is why the Q Ray has become so popular. Be aware that the ionization doesn't last indefinitely and you will have to buy a new one within a year to two years.

There are many different styles of Q Ray bracelet, so you are sure to find one you like. There are only a few rules to follow when wearing an ionized bracelet. To begin with, if the ends touch each other, your bracelet will probably be de-ionized, so avoid this. Don't wear a balance bracelet when you're using an electric blanket. They say it may cause the bracelet to heat up and it may burn you. Also, don't use the bracelet in water that is chlorinated as this may affect the bracelet's appearance. You can wear it in the bath though.

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