Rice Bran

Written by Patricia Skinner
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A Blow for Better Nutrition

We've known for a long time that one of the reasons so many people all over the world are suffering impaired health is the food industry's insistence on removing all of the beneficial part of so many foods. Rice is just one example. When we come to look at some of the properties of rice bran, we understand very clearly what we're doing to our health!

Rice bran is being hailed as a truly wonderful food supplement. Unfortunately, eating whole rice won't entirely save the properties of rice bran though, as naturally it is so unstable. In fact, only a few hours after being milled, the beneficial effects are rendered totally useless.

Rice Bran is Stabilized

But now a company has found a way of stabilizing these remarkable properties so that we can all benefit from them. Without the addition of chemicals or preservatives, you can now get all the nutritional support that rice bran has to offer. You will probably be very surprised to know exactly what that entails.

To begin with, it is thought that the nutrients in rice bran are the most bio available of all nutrients. This means that they are in a form that your body can very easily make use of. In addition, rice bran has a wide complement of phytochemicals and antioxidants, which as I have explained elsewhere, are the best free radical scavengers. What this means in simple language is that rice bran can keep you healthy and looking younger.

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