Sauna Heaters

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Sauna heaters come in a surprising range of styles and sizes. Different sauna kits typically require different types of heaters. If you choose to build a sauna with a kit, you won't have to figure out any of this information for yourself. No one is expecting you to suddenly become an electrical engineer, just because you want to build a sauna in your pool shed. The instructions in the sauna kit will spell it out for you, plain and simple.

Different Varieties of Sauna Heaters

Some sauna heaters are powered by gas. Traditional sauna heaters are wood burning. Others are electric. There are dozens of qualified manufacturers of these products. Many of them are foreign, which makes sense when you consider the popularity of saunas in Europe. In America, building your own sauna is still unusual. In Europe, it's much more commonplace.

Ideally, you want a heater that heats up fast. You want a thoroughly hygienic heater, which is why so many of them are made of stainless steel. If you are extremely sensitive to allergies, make sure your heater takes this into account.

You'll also want a heater that is aesthetically pleasing. After all, the heater will be in plain view. You may want a heater that houses hot rocks, if you are going for the traditional sauna look and feel. Wood burning stoves are very pleasing, but you must treat them with safety always in mind.

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