Seasoning Salts

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Seasoning salts of North America are most often of the garlic, celery, and onion varieties. There are also some good all-purpose seasoned salt products that can easily replace your plain table salt. All are available expertly pre-blended from a number of sources online and elsewhere.

Garlic Seasoning Salts

Garlic is a culinary wonder in itself, its possibilities for flavoring seem endless. Seasoning salts with added garlic granules are great for garlic bread recipes, among others. They can be added to a mixture of oil and other spices for a delicious coating for meats and vegetables as well.

Gourmet seasoning blends are great on popcorn and other snacks too. They're good items to have around the kitchen when you wish to liven up ordinary crunchy snacks with a zesty flavor. They really go a long way toward forming a strong basis of versatile culinary tools to make some of your own original creations, as well as standard recipes.

When you go to prepare recipes, having some good seasoning salts will prove to be essential. Save yourself some measuring time by seasoning with one ingredient rather than several. Look on the Web for some fantastic gourmet herbs, spices, and blends that can be conveniently shipped almost anywhere in the world.

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