Shu Li

Written by Carmela Slansky
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Eastern Remedies

Shu Li foot pouches are an example of a mysterious Eastern health tradition that really works. Known as detox pouches, Shu Li products are made from a special substance extracted from the pulp of the Mandarin tree. It has some rather intriguing properties that are in great demand in the natural health world.

A Shu Li pouch can help with pain. In fact many people have reported a dramatic reduction in pain and better sleep with use of a Shu Li pouch. The detox pouches are used by strapping them to the bottom of the feet usually, although they can be used directly over the site of the pain if necessary.

How to Use Shu Li Pouches

Using them on the feet enables us to make use of the principles of reflexology and acupressure too. The pouches draw pain-causing toxins out through the skin, and will continue to do so until the pouch is saturated, so they should be kept in place for at least a couple of hours. A good time to use them would be while you sleep.

Shu Li pouches are sold in multiples so that you can see just how well they work. One is unlikely to make a significant difference (although some users report a dramatic difference after only one hour's use!), so you may have to use several pouches. But the only way to see just how effective detox pouches can be is to use them. Try them and see what benefits they can offer you!

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