Stretch Mark Removers

Written by James Lyons
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Stretch marks occur when there's a tiny tear in the middle layer of the skin, the dermis. These tiny tears occur when the skin is stretched too far. Massive weight gain or weight loss, body building, and pregnancy are the most common causes of stretch marks. It's a very common skin reaction and there are some simple ways to combat stretch marks.

Stretch marks vary in color. Some are dark purple and others are simply a light pink. The tearing process that creates stretch marks also breaks down collagen and elastin resulting in scarring. Over time, these scars fade and all but go away. If you feel particularly self-conscious about your stretch marks, look into a few stretch mark removers. There are a few solid products on the market that will rapidly improve the appearance of your stretch marks.

Prevention Is the Key

It's much easier to prevent stretch marks than it is to remove them. To prevent stretch marks, apply a good moisturizing cream every day or every other day to areas of your body that are vulnerable to stretch marks. The so-called "love handles" and the anterior part of the underarm are areas of the body particularly prone to stretch marks.

If you're already afflicted with stretch marks, then find a stretch mark remover that's nutrient rich, moisturizes, contains vitamins, and loads of anti-oxidants. In my experience, natural is better when it comes to skin products. You don't have to consider yourself stuck with these scars. Nature has provided the ingredients to heal such wounds.

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