Too Skinny

Written by James Lyons
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Are you too skinny? Given that the United States leads all industrialized nations when it comes to obesity, this question often gets overlooked. The United States also leads all industrialized nations in eating disorders. Our culture places a great deal of value on a person's looks. If you're one of those people who fall in the "too skinny" category, you might find yourself on the outside of things looking in.

Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder afflict millions of people around the world, most of which are women. Every year, thousands of people die from the above mentioned eating disorders. There's plenty of blame flying around. The media absorbs much of the blame because it notoriously glamorizes skinny celebrities and models. We then buy the magazines and watch the entertainment shows wishing we could look that good.

Who Do We Blame?

The failure, in my opinion, is lack of education--the failure of the schools to teach kids about nutrition, exercise, and the dangers of both obesity and being too skinny. Children who are exposed to such information from an early age are far less likely to develop an eating disorder or develop obesity. Educated kids are healthy kids.

The media will always be there and we will always consume the products generated by the media. It's inevitable. Other countries have the similar relationships with media and entertainment and their citizens do not suffer the same societal weight issues. These countries have found ways to creatively integrate health and nutrition into the public school curriculum.

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