Usana Businesses

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Usana businesses are flourishing all over the United States, Canada and across the globe. Usana Health Sciences Labs is a recognized leader in the field of nutritional supplements, cellular health, and scientifically based hair and skin care products. Usana businesses are built through network marketing, a legitimate business model that is increasingly utilized by mainstream businesses to sell their goods and services.

Usana representatives aren't the only ones raving about their company. Established financial magazines and journals frequently feature articles about the continuing success of Usana businesses. Usana, and the increasing value of its stock, has been profiled on credible television programs, like CNN's Market Watch, as well.

Usana Businesses: With a Mandate to Provide Health and Wealth

Usana's first item of business is to develop scientifically advanced nutritional products. These products, which include supplements and nutritional foodstuffs, are designed to help prevent degenerate disease, and promote optimal health. Usana also features a scientifically based, all-natural product line specific to hair and skin care. These cutting edge healthy lifestyle products, for which Usana recently received two US patents, are marketed directly through private individuals via the Internet.

Many people come to the company "cold," as they simply search for profitable internet business opportunities. However, most people decide to become Usana representatives after being faithful customers for years. This genuine belief in the quality of the product, and the mission statement of the company to provide optimal health to everyone, makes for a compelling sales argument. It may also explain the radical growth of Usana representatives, from only 10 in 1992, to today's whopping number of over 500 worldwide.

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