Usana Distributors

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Usana distributors come from all walks of life, sharing one major belief: that Usana products are simply the best defense against premature cellular damage, and therefore are the best offense against illness, infirmity and premature aging. And their convictions are paying off. In the third quarter of 2003, as reported by Business Wire, Usana distributors had sold $52.5 million dollars worth of products. This figure represented a full 51 percent increase in sales from the previous year's third quarter. In October of 2004, sales were 124 percent over projections.

Reading the various success stories of Usana distributors online, one gets the sense that this is a company with a product that speaks to a wide variety of people. Former successful attorneys, insurance agents, stay-at-home moms, single parents, teachers, scientists--all now make either a part time or full time career as Usana distributors. And though many current distributors came to the company only as they were researching for a "good bet" for online business success, most Usana distributors were originally loyal customers.

One other thing all these people may have in common is their ability to recognize a trend. The health and wellness industry is projected to take off into the financial stratosphere as 72 million baby boomers start to enter their 50s. Being ahead of the trend means that Usana distributors stand the chance to enjoy unlimited income potential distributing Usana's complete line of increasingly popular wellness products to an entire generation of people unwilling to "go gently into that good night."

Hi, Honey, I'm Home... All Day

Usana distributors have another thing in common as well: they work from home, with no inventory requirement and no structured hours. For many people, this is an ideal work environment. Thousands of people will to try to start successful online businesses in order to get out of "the rat race". However, Usana distributors have helped their own chances to achieve success by aligning their efforts with the products of a company--and an entire industry--that shows no signs of slowing down for the next 20 years.

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