Usana Health Supplements

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Usana health supplements, in addition to being considered among the finest vitamin and mineral supplements on the market, are also produced by one of the very few companies that strives to meet the highest standards possible, from research and development, to product testing, to final product manufacture. By and large, the health products industry is an unregulated Wild West of sorts. Without strict product quality standards, consumers often have to take vitamin labels and claims on faith, and hope that the product inside matches what the label says. Usana Health Sciences hold themselves to a higher standard than this by manufacturing their own products, and voluntarily complying with the stringent standards practiced for pharmaceutical products.

Usana Health Supplements: Quality Control from A to Z

All Usana health supplements are rigorously tested, and exposed to strict levels of quality control. Surprisingly, most vitamin distributors do not actually manufacture their own products. Unlike most of their competition, all Usana health supplements are actually manufactured onsite at the Usana Health Sciences laboratories.

Also in Usana's favor, in terms of scientific credibility, is the fact that Usana voluntarily complies with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for pharmaceutical grade products. These practices are much higher than those required by law. Usana products, by complying voluntarily by the most rigorous standards in the industry, are virtually unmatched in product testing, safety, and solid research.

The steps of quality control begin at the beginning and end at the end. Every ingredient is tested first in its raw state. It's then tested again during the manufacturing process. Finally, the product is tested again, in its complete form, prior to shipping. This rigorous devotion to scientific research and product quality control may help to explain why in November of 2004 Usana Health Sciences was named #16 among the Forbes list of the Best 200 Small Companies.

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