Usana Mlm

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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When cellular biologist Dr. Myron Wentz turned his attention from creating state of the art viral diagnostic test kits to creating cutting edge nutritional substances, the only thing he wasn't sure of was how we wanted to market his products. Though it wasn't the standard, he opted against a traditional retail approach. He chose instead to use direct selling, also known as multi level marketing.

It was another really good idea from the man who created the gold-standard test kit for diagnosing Epstein Barr Syndrome. Today, only 12 years after the inception of his company, Usana Health Sciences now has over 100 thousand independent distributors across the globe. As of October 2004, sales were approaching $270 million dollars.

Usana MLM: Building a Wildly Successful Company, One Person at a Time

Usana's company, and their multi-level marketing approach, has been touted by Robert G. Allen, a very well known bestselling financial author, as "the best company" he's ever seen. Beyond its full offering of cellular nutrition products and unique line of skin and health care treatments, Usana MLMs feature an unusually thorough training program. Top Usana MLM sellers work together to create a complete training program for every new Associate to help maximize their chances for success.

And it would appear that, despite already hitting record sales, Usana, and its MLM business model, is only going to get more successful. The entire health and wellness industry is projected to soon eclipse the success of even the movement. Considering we're only in the beginning years of Baby Boomers entering their "golden years," these tremendous sales numbers would appear to only be in "starting" position.

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