Usana Nutritionals

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Usana nutritionals are the foundation of the Usana Health Sciences laboratories. Dr. Myron Wentz, the founder of Usana, spent his first scientific years as a leading cellular scientist. His first company, Gull Labs, was dedicated to actually growing cells in order to be able to accurately diagnose viral disease. To this day, Gull Labs diagnostic test kits are used in hospitals and by doctors in private practice around the world.

Usana Nutritionals: Sound Nutrition Means Sound Health

Through this diagnostic research, Dr. Wentz became more and more aware of the connection between nutrition, healthy cells, and disease resistance. As a result, he founded Usana Health Science laboratories, which is dedicated to creating the highest quality nutritional supplements that can be easily, effectively absorbed by the body via the bloodstream. These supplements contain what Usana claims are the essential nutrients to maintain health, as well as to combat damaging antioxidants that weaken the immune system.

Dr. Wentz is not alone in his view that vitamin supplements are essential to health. Medical experts around the world agree that daily consumption of multi-vitamins may be a requirement for good health. The modern lifestyle, coupled with nutritional depletion in the foods we eat everyday, makes getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals we need from diet alone nearly impossible.

Usana nutritionals are available in multi-vitamin supplements, as well as complementary enhancers, called "Optimizers," designed to provide customized nutrition for people in varying stages of life, with various lifestyles and nutritional needs. Usana also has a line of nutritional foods, such as protein and carbohydrate drink mixes, energy bars, and other foodstuffs designed to round out one's nutritional needs. Finally, Usana features a complete skin and hair care line, designed to offer topical nutrition for optimum skin and hair health.

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