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Written by Patricia Skinner
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Improving Your Overall Health

Before anyone decides to try out a wellness product they should first get their nutritional house in order and make sure they have already undertaken any lifestyle changes that may be needed to facilitate optimum health. Although there are many great wellness products on the market, there seems little use in even trying them if your overall diet and lifestyle is designed to destroy good health. In case you think I'm being flippant with this remark, let me clarify.

For many people in the united states, to refer to the food that they eat as nutritious would be stretching a point a bit too far. Unfortunately, far too many people rely on tinned and packaged goods, along with the ubiquitous fast food fare for their nutrition needs. Let's take a look at the fast food. Fast food is made with an eye to taste and texture. Quality and nutrition, believe me, are the last things on the companies mind when they design these food products. They want customers to come back and buy again and again.

Before You Use that Wellness Product!

To begin with, most fast food products are cooked and kept hot for far too long for any nutrition to survive. Then they need to be adulterated with a whole host of flavorings and preservatives to keep them edible. Monosodium Glutamate is a very dangerous chemical, as you will find if you do a search on it. Scientists have been using it for decades to produce fat rats for them to do experiments on. We have it in our fast food in greater amounts than it would take to produce the same effects of fatness in human beings!

So before you rush out and buy that wellness product, just give a little thought to the food you eat. At the very least, you will then be giving your chosen wellness product a fighting chance of having some kind of beneficial effect, instead of simply being overwhelmed by the toxicity of your body. Don't forget to read our other pages on detoxing!

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