Wood Saunas

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Wood saunas are a traditional health remedy, enjoyed in every corner of the world, for thousands of years. Wood saunas are incredibly popular in Finland, where they are considered as necessary for good health as a balanced diet and regular exercise. Dry saunas are prized in Japan, the Mediterranean, Russia, and Germany for their beneficial properties.

Wood Saunas and Waste Elimination

Wood saunas are more than just a great way to relax. They are also powerful health boosters. When you sit in a hot sauna, your body reacts as though you had a fever. Although you feel like you're relaxing, your internal organs are actually working as hard as if you were exercising.

Your organs of elimination are working furiously to rid themselves of junk. This can take the form of natural waste, like the uric acid or lactic acid naturally created by the body, or it can take the form of unnatural wastes, like the heavy metals we absorb from pollution. Saunas help your liver, kidneys, and lungs to excrete these wastes more quickly.

The wastes (toxins) are then eliminated through the skin in the form of sweat. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and is actually extremely complex. Sweating is much more than just a tool for regulating body temperature. It's also a means for eliminating waste. When the sauna tricks your internal organs into producing excesses of toxins, your increased flow of sweat helps sweep them away as soon as they are released.

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