Cheap Ear Plugs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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For most applications, cheap ear plugs can be just as effective as expensive hearing protection. What is important in selecting an earplug is not the price, but whether or not it is comfortable, and whether or not offers the appropriate level of noise reduction. While expensive, form fitted ear plugs may be custom built for certain applications, cheap ear plugs may actually be more effective at eliminating unwanted noise.

EPA regulations require that all forms of hearing protection device be tagged with an NNR rating. An NNR rating is a numerical value that corresponds with the approximate volume reduction in decibels. For example, a product with an NNR rating of 20 would, on average, reduce the sound entering the ear by 20 dB.

You may be surprised to learn that some hearing protection costing over 100$ may eliminate as little as 9 dB, while a $5 set of earplugs can eliminate as much as 34 dB. Doing a little online research can help you decide what kind of earplug is right for your needs and your budget. Earplug resource sites are plentiful, and often link directly to manufacturers, saving you time by eliminating the need to call around town to speak with specialists.

Can You Trust Cheap Ear Plugs?

With earplugs, quality is not necessarily directly proportional to price. Nonetheless, many manufacturers offer 100% guarantees through their web pages. By being committed to that kind of safety net, manufacturers build solid reputations with consumers all over the world.

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