Child Ear Plugs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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To protect from the dangers of ear infections, child ear plugs, sized specifically for children, are a must. Easy to wear, and more importantly, easy to develop of habit of wearing, child ear plugs can protect the tender skin inside a child's ear from residual water, which can lead to the development of harmful bacteria or fungi. Ear plugs sized specially for children can help keep water out comfortably day after day during the swim season.

Ear plugs can also help ease the discomfort experienced by first time fliers. During takeoff, when the pressure inside a child's ears can't equalize as fast as the rapidly changing cabin pressure, unexpected pain can occur in the child's ears. At only a few years old, the fright of flying in a plane can be substantial enough without adding on unnecessary discomfort. Ear plugs allow the inner ear time to equalize gently and without pain.

Other Types of Child Ear Plugs

While some earplugs are sized smaller for a child's ear, others are customizable for any sized ear. At the pace that kids grow, being sure that a smaller sized earplug is still adequate can be difficult. If any gaps exist in the ear between the skin and the outside of the plug, an earplug is rendered ineffective.

Earplugs that allow you whatever size you need are available. Sold slightly large, they are easy to divide into usable and effective nuggets. For a rapidly developing child, these can be the best ear plugs.

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