Child Swim Ear Plugs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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For any kid learning how to swim, child swim ear plugs can be an important part of water safety. By getting into the habit of protecting their ears at an early stage, children can lessen the risk of developing ear infections later in their aquatic careers. They can focus on fun in the water, exercising and having a good time.

We all know that hygiene is rarely the most important thing on a child's mind once he or she spots the glistening blue of a swimming pool. But without proper poolside hygiene, including child swim ear plugs, swimmer's ear could quickly interfere with the fun. Swimmer's ear is an ear infection that can occur when water trapped inside the ear canal corrodes the tender skin of the ear canal and allows bacteria or fungi to grow.

Once contracted, swimmer's ear can be extremely uncomfortable, and lead to temporary disruption of hearing. Chewing may become painful, and there may even be a slight discharge of yellow, pus-like material. Thankfully, though, swimmer's ear is easily treated with antibiotics.

Child Swim Ear Plugs Can Prevent Swimmer's Ear

Ear plugs for swimming can prevent swimmer's ear before it can start. By sealing the entrance to the ear canal, waterproof ear plugs keep water out of the sensitive region inside the ear canal. Ear plugs are a cheap and effective way for your child to be safe while having fun in the water.

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