Children Ear Plugs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Great for adults or children ear plugs can keep your hearing safe at any age. No matter how old you are, the hearing mechanisms in your inner ear are very fragile. If you've ever experienced a ringing sensation lingering in your ears after the blast of a gunshot, the roar of a passing subway train, or the echo of a jackhammer downtown, you know how little it takes to damage your hearing.

The ringing or whooshing noise caused by exposure to loud sounds is called tinnitus. Children are never to young to be warned of the dangers of loud sounds. While sporadic, brief exposure rarely results in permanent hearing damage, prolonged exposure can lead to long-term suffering from tinnitus.

Dance clubs, summer jobs at construction sites, even driving too fast with the windows down can cause subtle damage to your hearing. Parents please warn your children ear plugs can eliminate pain and annoyance later in life. A good example of the dangers of tinnitus is The Who guitarist Pete Townshend, who, after years of power chords, now wakes everyday with an unstoppable noise in his ears. Especially for a musician like him, the frustration must be unbearable.

Children Ear Plugs and Water Sports

Another great reason to get in the habit of wearing earplugs early is the danger of developing ear infections. Most common is swimmer's ear, an infection that can result from water trapped in your ear canal. Ear plugs can safeguard against swimmer's ear by effectively blocking all water from entering your ear.

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