Comfortable Ear Plugs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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It's true: it can be difficult to find comfortable ear plugs. Most seem awkward at first, and first impressions can be important when deciding what will be the best hearing protection for you. Not all ear plugs are manufactured the same, though, and being informed about what options are available can aid you in finding what fits your ear best.

Some ear plugs are made from plastic or foam, and made with a flanged design. The flanges bend to fit inside your ear, but can feel stiff, scraping against the delicate skin of your ear canal. Discomfort in you ear canal can lead to a poor fit, rendering the earplug ineffective.

Other ear plugs are designed to expand inside your ear, filling your ear canal gently and forming a seal with the skin. Ear plugs designed to expand in your ear are generally easier to wear than flanged ear plugs, and are cheap to replace if you happen to lose them. Moldable ear plugs that expand in your ear generally offer the most effective noise protection.

Custom Fits Offer the Most Comfortable Ear Plugs

Perhaps the most comfortable ear plugs are made by manufacturing the earplug from a mold of your ear canal. Online research or a phone call to an audiologist can help you decide if this is right for you. Remember to keep your options open, there are many varieties of ear plugs for all applications and budgets.

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