Comfortable Ear Protection

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Finding the most comfortable ear protection for you can be a tedious task. Every type and make of earplug will fit differently in your ear, and shopping around can take some time. Knowing your options beforehand can reduce your frustration dramatically, and knowing which manufacturers offer satisfaction guarantees can save you a lot of money.

There are many kinds of ear protection available, but the most comfortable ear protection is usually made from the softest materials. The skin inside of your ear canal can be very sensitive, and rougher materials like plastics or foam can scrape against your skin. Giant industrial earmuffs can be more comfortable, but awkward designs and non-adjustable cup sizes can pinch your ears.

Some of the more comfortable designs involve soft ear plugs that expand inside your ear canal. Made from fibrous materials such as cotton or lanolin, and usually containing a seal-forming ingredient like beeswax, they fill your ear gently and snugly, with little danger of falling out. Purchasing molded ear plugs like these is easy too-- they are available online as well as at drugstores and hardware stores everywhere.

Are Custom Fit Ear Plugs Comfortable Ear Protection?

For people serious about protecting their hearing, it can be very tempting to spend a lot of money on custom molded earplugs. While they can be the most comfortable (as they are made from molds your ear canals), they may not be necessary. Many times, over the counter earplugs that offer a custom fit (the "expanding" variety of earplugs) can be nearly as comfortable, for much cheaper.

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