Custom Ear Plugs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Custom ear plugs are available for many different needs, and are a lot more affordable than you might think. Ranging from just a few dollars to almost 200 dollars, they make a great investment in hearing protection. Great for industrial uses and especially for musicians, earplugs can safeguard your most valuable asset.

Form fitted ear plugs can knock out all loud sounds, and custom molded ear plugs can offer specialized sound reduction technology. Ideal for musicians, custom ear plugs fit comfortably in your ear, reducing the awkwardness of performing with them. Many kinds also offer a near flat attenuation, reducing all frequencies evenly, thereby providing an accurate representation of the existing sound spectrum. It's like turning the volume down on the world.

When clarity is less important than maximum protection against powerful sounds, custom ear plugs made from the best materials available offer instant quiet in extreme situations. Natural materials, like cotton, beeswax, and lanolin can be surprisingly effective against unnatural sounds. These materials allow for a tighter seal than other earplugs made from foam or even silicone.

Comfort Benefits of Custom Ear Plugs

Many normal foam earplugs can be uncomfortable to wear, expanding unevenly in your ear canal. This can leave small gaps, or result in a fit that is unstable, where the earplug could easily fall out. Earplugs that are tailor made for you will stay where you put them--surviving anything from a day with the jackhammer to a night at the clubs.

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