Diving Ear Plugs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Swimming or diving ear plugs fill an important place in any aquatic sportsperson's bag of gear. Though they are smaller than anything except possibly a nose clip, the importance or ear plugs cannot be greater. With two quick swipes of the hand, your ears can be protected against the dangers of infection all day long.

More diving or scuba diving trips have probably been cancelled due to ear infection than for any other reason. If water is allowed to penetrate the ear canal, or middle ear, it can be difficult to remove. Moreover, there is always the chance that a drops remain in the ear, unfound. These once-harmless droplets of the ocean can turn into a spawning ground for the bacteria or fungi that causes ear infections.

By getting a good pair of diving ear plugs, you can minimize the risk of infection before you even hit the water. The best ear plugs will fit snugly inside your ear canal with no risk of falling out during a dive, and form a seal with the skin of your ear to keep absolutely every last drop of water from entering your ears.

Special Requirements of Swimming or Diving Ear Plugs

Good earplugs are available in many places, but earplugs for use in the water have a few special needs that you should consider before buying. Firstly, make sure that the earplug is insoluble in water. Secondly, check to see if the ear plug's list of ingredients includes beeswax, which can be the active ingredient in forming a skin-tight waterproof seal.

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