Dry Ears

Written by Amy Hall
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The best way to dry the ears is not with a Q-tip, as this can only exacerbate an existing problem or create a problem where one did not exist. If you are concerned that you have water trapped in your ear, you need a solution designed to be gentle on the ears. While some people insist that hair dryers are effective at drying the ear, they typically do not do the job, allowing possible ear infections to occur.

A better option may be to purchase a device specifically designed to dry ears. Ear canal dryers are a more recent invention and have become quite popular among those who need to dry their ears often, such as swimmers. If you are looking to purchase an ear canal dryer, you might want to look for one that is gentle enough to be used as many times a day as is needed, since dry ears are key to preventing infections.

Another remedy you can use to dry up trapped water is to mix equal parts of alcohol with vinegar and place a couple of drops in your ear. This is only advisable if you do not have a perforated eardrum. You can also buy over-the-counter ear drops at your local pharmacy that can be used after swimming or bathing to dry up trapped water. For those who are on-the-go or who have children, ear drops may not be the best solution, since they do take some time to work effectively. Children usually do not allow the drops to dry their ears completely after applying.

Many people believe that Q-tips are the solution to trapped water and/or earwax. The problem with using Q-tips is that you can push material down into the ear canal even further, which then becomes trapped. This trapped material mixes with fluid from the ear and can harbor bacteria, causing an infection to develop. Always avoid using Q-tips because they tend to do more harm than good.

Dry Ears Are Healthy Ears

Keep in mind that the ears normally produce fluid in small amounts, so they are never completely dry. However, trapped water is a different scenario that can cause a painful infection to develop. If you notice a feeling of pressure or pain, visit your doctor immediately to rule out an ear infection. Fever may accompany the infection, and you may feel a blocked sensation in the ear. Your doctor can examine your ear and determine if you will need treatment with antibiotics. Making sure that your ears are dry is a major part of ear health.

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Ear Dryers

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