Ear Cleaning Tips

Written by Amy Hall
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Our ears are self-cleaning; therefore you do not need to take any further steps to clean them. Wax is basically a combination of fat and oils that are secreted by the skin along the ear canal. The purpose of the wax is to trap dirt and particles and keep them from reaching the eardrum. Earwax tends to fall out all by itself, without us even noticing what is happening.

In some cases, earwax builds up and it causes the ears to become clogged, making hearing difficult. In such cases, a visit to your doctor can usually set the problem straight, as he or she may flush out the wax with water. You can also apply one to two drops of olive oil to your ears to soften the wax, allowing it to fall out more easily.

However, after cleaning your ears, it is definitely a good idea to dry them. If you are big on ear health or prone to infections, you may want to purchase an ear canal dryer. Moisture in the ears can lead to infections, so be sure to thoroughly dry your ears after any cleaning procedure, or whenever they are wet.

Never put a cotton swab in your ear to try and remove water or wax, as this only pushes the material down further into the canal. If wax becomes hardened, your doctor can remove it for you safely, without putting your eardrum in any danger. If you simply are trying to remove water, again, an ear dryer is a safer option.

Smart Ear Cleaning Tips

The best thing you can do in terms of ear maintenance is to let your ears take care of themselves. You will find that they do a pretty good job of cleaning themselves without any interjection from you, as long as you make sure that they are dry. If you should notice that your ears hurt or that you have a discharge coming from inside the ear, visit your doctor immediately, as this could be an indication of an ear infection.

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