Ear Drops

Written by Amy Hall
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There are a couple of different types of ear drops that you can use to decrease the pain associated with an ear infection. Over-the-counter ear drops are not going to clear up an ear infection, but they can possibly provide temporary relief from otitis media or even swimmer's ear. If bacteria is the cause of an ear infection, it will be necessary to seek medical treatment for a prescription antibiotic.

Most over-the-counter ear drops are designed to dry the ears and kill bacteria. The bacteria that can grow in water that has been trapped in the ear is what causes outer ear infections. One common problem with ear drops is that they are not used properly, by children or adults. Even those with the best intentions tend not to wait long enough for the drops to fully to the job, making them somewhat ineffective in many cases.

Rather than waiting for an infection to arise and then attempting to kill the bacteria, there are some other options. You can use an ear canal dryer to dry the ear immediately, before any bacteria can even take hold. The better models can dry the ear canal in about a minute, and without the head-tilting hassles that tend to annoy most ear drop users. Also, an ear canal dryer is a one-time investment, while you have to continually return to the store to buy more ear drops.

Ear Drops and Their Alternatives

Pain due to ear infections can vary in intensity, and you will need prescription drops to cure the problem. Some people may notice fullness in the ears, while others will be in extreme discomfort that feels like sharp, throbbing pains. Ear drops can help put an end to the pain so that you can get through the day and evening in comfort, but it is better to avoid getting infections in the first place by keeping ears dry, especially if you or your children are in the water a lot. Ear canal dryers are also helpful in terms of treating ear problems, as doctors recommend that you keep the ear dry when you have an infection.

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