Ear Health

Written by Amy Hall
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Our ears are designed to be self-maintaining, which means that, in theory, we do not need to do anything to the inside or outside of the ears. Unfortunately, many of us were brought up to believe that it is important for personal hygiene that we clean out our ears with cotton swabs. Most of us know that having water in the ears can lead to ear infections, but using cotton swabs inside the ears can only cause more problems.

When a cotton swab is used to clean ears, the result is that it is pushed down even further and compacted. When this happens, a visit to the doctor is often necessary to remove the hardened clump of wax that can impede hearing and throw you off balance. The next time you get the urge to remove water from your ears with a cotton swab, think again.

Perhaps the best alternative is to use an ear canal dryer to keep the ears dry and healthy. These little machines blow air gently into the ear canal and can be used as often as needed. By keeping the ear dry, you can prevent bacteria and fungi from growing (water is where they flourish. This bacteria is what causes ear infections. Using an ear dryer, especially if you are in the water often, is perhaps the easiest step you can take to maintaining ear health and treating ear problems.

Remedies for Ear Health

On the other hand, if earwax is what is causing troubles with your ear health, there are some steps you can take to remedy the situation. Olive oil can soften the wax and soothe your ears at the same time. You can place two drops of olive oil in each ear, which should coax the stubborn wax out. In cases where your ears are totally blocked due to waxy buildup, a quick visit to your doctor can help. He or she can flush the ears with warm water to coax the hardened wax out of your ears.

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