Ear Hearing Protection

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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By now, we all know how important for your ear hearing protection can be. 28 million American suffer from hearing loss, and more and more grade school children and music students are affected each year. Our cities, neighborhoods, and even our schools are growing increasingly louder, and protecting our ears is becoming increasingly easy and affordable.

With the advent of the Internet, access to up-to-date information on the dangers of hearing loss is something that anyone can have. In-depth information on safe volume levels and commonly misunderstood trivia about the physics of sound and the decibel system is everywhere. With the coming of e-commerce, commercial sites dedicated to affordable in-ear hearing protection products are everywhere.

Quick Facts about Ear Plugs as Ear Hearing Protection

Earplugs come in a full range of effectiveness and in a variety of designs. Common designs include soft earplugs that expand inside your ear canal, and flanged plastic or foam plugs that simply slide in and out. All non-custom hearing protection is labeled with an NNR rating that tells the noise reduction of the product. A higher rating means more noise is being blocked out.

Consumer reviews about different kinds of earplugs is ubiquitous online. Being well informed could save you the hassle of a regrettable purchase, but many manufacturers offer satisfaction guarantees. Moreover, non-custom earplugs are usually inexpensive enough that buying a pair will not empty your wallet. But whatever the cost, the safety of your hearing is worth it.

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