Ear Protection

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Ear protection is important. The types of protection available ranges widely. Small foam earplugs expand inside your ear and are effective for protection from loud environments such as factories. They block out harmful levels of sound, but they also work great for keeping fluids, such as water, out of your ears.

Damage of the first sort, caused by loud noises, is called sensorineural damage. Damage of the second kind, for which ear protection is just as important, is called conductive hearing loss. Severe ear infections are often run the risk of causing conductive hearing loss. Fluid can accumulate in the area behind the eardrum known as the "middle ear." If this fluid causes an infection, damage to your hearing can result.

Keeping fluid out of your ears while underwater is a must for swimmers and divers. Scuba divers ear plugs and ear plugs for swimming are usually made to just plug up the ear canal, sealing it up tight. It is important to use earplugs made from the highest quality material to seal out as mush water as possible.

Other Ear Protection Methods

Tiny, plastic, ringed plugs are available, as are custom-fitted silicon plugs. Ear plugs for swimming are also usually available in a variety of colors to match your swimsuit. Custom molded ear plugs with replaceable filters are also available for more extreme uses.

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