Gifts For Students

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Universally appreciated, gifts for students can alleviate the pressure of exams time like nothing else. Care packages offer a quick study break and a reminder that someone cares (when it often seems like the professors don't). One of the most useful gifts for students is also one of the smallest--tiny earplugs can make all the difference during the noisy, end-of-semester days.

There are few things that are worse for students than the last few days of the semester. The pressure of exams has reached a critical mass, and the campus always sounds as if everyone else is already done. With comfortable ear plugs, though, the sounds of the parties next door fade away to silence.

High school students or students at home can also use form fitted ear plugs. It can be difficult to concentrate with the noise of siblings, television, music, or territorial dogs next door. The right earplugs can even knock out the sound of people in the same room!

Other Gifts for Students

Besides earplugs, great care packages often include good food and other necessities. Home cooked treats, gift certificates, and even socks can help alleviate the pressure of school. Light hearted and useful, care packages can really make any student's day a great one.

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