Kids Ear Protection

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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For parents of any child who enjoys having fun, kids ear protection is a subject that must be broached periodically. While kids are extremely resilient, the inner ear's hearing mechanism is as fragile for kids as for adults. Brief exposure to loud noises can result in temporary difficulties hearing for anyone, but prolonged exposure can damage the ear permanently.

Leaning to swim and learning water sports are another area in which there is a need for kids ear protection. Children that have not yet learned the basics of post-aquatic hygiene run the risk of developing painful ear infections. Using ear plugs when swimming can reduce the chance of developing swimmer's ear nearly 100%.

Learning to Play a Musical Instrument and Using Kids Ear Protection

Many children develop the desire to study one or multiple musical instruments. Though it might seem like to early to worry about the dangers of tinnitus, even mechanical instruments make sounds that can damage a person's hearing. A fortissimo piano phrase can be loud enough to contribute to short-term ringing in the ears, and the noise of a piccolo is not only loud enough to hurt your ears, but is a high frequency sound that falls right in the most damaging range of frequencies.

Learning to use ear protection early can save kids the pain and frustration of ear problems later in life. Remember, once the auditory nerve is damaged, it is irreplaceable. Developing good habits early in life can eliminate future risk completely.

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