Molded Ear Plugs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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For anyone looking for quality ear protection, molded ear plugs can offer everything you need. There is a long history of moldable earplugs being on the market. In fact, the standard earplug before the 1960s was a moldable clay earplug. This product was similar to what people had been using since ancient times, when clay or wax were the only options.

In the 1960s, moldable silicone earplugs were developed for swimmers. They offered the advantage of being insoluble in water. Nowadays, though, molded ear plugs of all kinds, even those made from natural ingredients like cotton and beeswax are waterproof, and often hypoallergenic as well.

Other molded earplugs are produced from an actual mold of your ear canal. This type may feature a replaceable filter that reduces decibels by values of 9, 15, or 25 dB. Many of these boast a flat attenuation not found in over-the-counter plugs.

Applications for Molded Ear Plugs

Besides swimming, molded ear plugs can be great for anyone who may spend a lot of time around noises over 85 dB in volume. Working musicians, stage crews, and music teachers could all benefit from protected hearing, as can carpenters, and mechanics. Even people with partners who snore would find great relief from earplugs.

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