Musicians Ear Plugs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Musicians ear plugs can be a lifesaver to any musician, not just those who like their music loud. All musicians value their ears as one of their most important assets, but many do not realize just how fragile the ear can be. Even a concert piano's sound falls into the danger zone of 90 dB and above. Prolonged exposure to sounds louder than 90 dB can result in irreparable hearing damage.

Many brass instruments and some reed instruments produce sound over 100 dB. Timpani hits and bass drum rolls average around 105 dB, and symphonic music can peak as high as 135 dB. Without some sort of hearing protection device, tinitus or other manifestations of damage to the ear can develop unnoticed and unchecked. Musicians ear plugs offer protection from damage with minimal distortion of sound.

Some earplugs made for musicians are cast from a custom mold of your ear canal for a perfect fit. The custom mold can house a standardized cartridge offering a reduction in sound at a variety of decibel levels. As little as a10 decibel reduction can greatly reduce the risk of long-term damage.

Musicians Ear Plugs for Louder Bands

Rock concerts tend to be around the 130 dB level. Crescendos and very loud bands can reach as high as 150 dB, though, which can be extremely damaging for not just the bands but for the audience as well. Even in the back of the club, the decibel level only drops by an average of 20 decibels. For shows of this kind, a more serious kind of noise protection in necessary.

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