Noise Protection

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Effective noise protection is becoming an increasingly important part of modern life. As cities grow noisier and noisier, protecting your hearing from the dangers of permanent hearing is becoming proportionally more and more difficult. Noise from traffic, mass transit, and even neighboring houses seems to be more and more invasive all the time.

There is a cheap and easy solution. Ear plugs, often available from local drugstores of hardware stores, can save your hearing from succumbing to tinitus or other forms of hearing damage. These days, noise protection is neither expensive nor difficult to find, and online resources are taking the mystery out of complex issues relating to your hearing.

Noise Protection and Comfort

Two main concerns arise over the issue of effective hearing protection. The first is how effective it is. The EPA requires all hearing protection devices sold in the US to carry an NNR rating, which is a numerical value roughly corresponding to the noise reduction in decibels. For example, an NNR rating of 20 relates to a drop of 20 decibels in the volume of sound entering your ear.

The second concern that usually arises has to do with comfort. Different products have varying degrees of comfort, and finding what's right for you can require a little exploration. Many earplugs are either cheap enough to experiment with or will come with satisfaction guarantees. Some manufacturers offer both.

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