Q-tip Alternatives

Written by Amy Hall
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Fortunately, there are some fantastic Q-tip alternatives that can help you keep your ears in peak shape. Ear canal dryers, plugs, and drops are all tools to maintaining dry, healthy ears, though some methods are more effective than others. It is important to remember that your ears are capable of cleaning themselves, which means you do not need to do anything to facilitate this process. Earwax is normal and it serves a purpose, which is to keep dirt and particles from damaging the eardrum.

Sticking a cotton swab into the ear to remove wax usually only makes matters worse, because the wax gets pressed down towards the eardrum. Compacted wax can harden and cause you to have difficulty with your hearing. This blocked sensation can cause incoming words and noises to sound muffled.

It is perfectly safe to put a couple of drops of olive oil in the ears to loosen up the wax, though you will want to be sure to dry your ears thoroughly afterwards. You can also visit your doctor and have earwax removed safely if it is hindering your ability to hear clearly. Never try to flush out your own ears with water, as this may do more harm than good. A doctor is experienced with this type of procedure and can perform it on your ears safely.

Banning Q-Tips from the Ears

If water becomes trapped in your ears, you will want to clear the moisture out immediately, as this can lead to infections. Wearing earplugs during swimming or bathing can also keep the ear canals dry and free from trapped water. An ear dryer can dry up trapped water in the ears within a minute, preventing the onset of an external ear infection. These dryers are gentle and safe, making them great options for kids and those people who are in the water often. If you have been an avid Q-tip user, now is the time to say your goodbyes to cotton swabs forever. Q-tips and ears do not go together.

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