Remove Water From Ear

Written by Amy Hall
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Nothing is more annoying then having water trapped in your ear. It can be mind boggling to discover just how challenging it can be to get out a drop or two of water in your ears. Just this small amount of water can cause your hearing to be less acute, and even your balance can be affected when your ears are blocked with water.

Perhaps you have tried jumping up and down, smacking your unaffected ear with the palm of your hand, sticking cotton swabs in your ear to burst the water bubble feeling, or even placing over-the-counter drops in the ear after bathing or swimming. Sometimes you get lucky and the water comes out from all that jumping around, but not usually. Eardrops can work, but they take time to work their magic, and in the meantime you walk around with muffled hearing.

As you probably know, it is not recommended that you put cotton swabs in your ears for any reason, even to try and push out water. A hairdryer set to a cool setting can be held over the ears to completely dry any trapped water in the canal. You can also use a device called an ear dryer that looks very similar to an ear thermometer. This device sends a cool stream of air through the canal to completely eradicate any trapped moisture in the canal.

Removing Water from the Ears with Ease

Finally, you do not have to walk around with water trapped in your ears, as simple steps can keep your ear canals clean and dry. If you swim a great deal, you may want to wear earplugs that seal the openings of the ears, keeping water out. When water does become trapped in the ears, an ear dryer can safely and effectively dry up the trapped water. Usually all it takes is one minute, and your ears will be completely free of any trapped moisture. Using such a device can drastically reduce the incidence of outer ear infections you sustain due to trapped water.

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