Swimmers Ear Cures

Written by Amy Hall
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If you are suffering from the itching and pain associated with swimmer's ear, you can obtain relief from prescription antibiotic eardrops. Your doctor may also choose to prescribe a corticosteroid to help ease the itching sensation inside the ear canal that can make you crazy. Perhaps there is nothing worse than persistent itching that comes from inside the ear, as you cannot get relief from scratching.

Inserting any objects into the ear to try and relieve the itching will only exacerbate the problem; therefore it is a much better alternative to get a prescription from your doctor. Swimmer's ear is probably present if you have excessive itching from within the ear canal, any discharge that is yellowish in color and pus-like, and pain that is most noticeable when the ear lobe is touched. If you feel pain when chewing your food, swimmer's ear may be the culprit.

The best way to prevent swimmer's ear from happening in the first place is to keep the ear canal as dry as possible. Trapped moisture can break down the fragile skin of the ear canal, causing microscopic tears that bacterium and fungi can invade. When this happens, an infection begins to build and pain and itching are the most common symptoms. At this point, treatment with antibiotic eardrops is necessary to clear the infection.

Prevention Is the Best Swimmer's Ear Cure Available

Keeping the ears dry is perhaps your best defense against swimmer's ear. If you spend a great deal of time in the pool or ocean, it may be wise to wear earplugs to seal out water from your ear canals. An ear dryer can effectively dry up any trapped water in the ear, and this device can be ordered online at an affordable price. When you know the causes of swimmer's ear--trapped moisture in the ear canal--you can take steps to keep your ears dry and healthy.

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