Swimmers Ear Remedies

Written by Amy Hall
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There is no doubt about it; swimmer's ear is a painful condition that can cause excruciating pain and itching in the outer ear canal. Once you have swimmer's ear, all you can do is treat it with remedies that are geared at killing the bacterial or fungal infection and treating the pain simultaneously. Over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol or Advil can certainly help ease the pain while you wait for the antibiotic eardrops to take effect. You will also need to keep your ear dry while treating the problem.

Some people apply hot compresses to the outer ear, as this can provide soothing relief from the throbbing pain associated with swimmer's ear. A prescription corticosteroid may help reduce or eliminate the chronic itching that is also characteristic of swimmer's ear. Check with your doctor about obtaining an anti-itch relief prescription if the itching is unbearable for you to take.

Some people try homemade remedies such as equal parts alcohol and vinegar eardrops that can dry up the trapped water. Over-the-counter eardrops can also help dry up any trapped moisture in the ears. The only problem with eardrops is that they can take awhile to get the job done, and in the meantime, the delicate skin in the ear canal becomes weakened. All in all, an ear dryer may be a more effective solution.

An ear dryer can keep your ears dry while treating swimmer's ear, and then can be used to avoid any future recurrences of the problem. After swimming, showering, or surfing, you can simply use an ear canal dryer to eliminate moisture and prevent the bacteria that leads to infections--the drying process typically only takes about a minute. You will probably want to look for a model that can closely match your body temperature, as this will provide you with the most comfortable and safest drying method.

Swimmer's Ear-Controlling the Pain

Although swimmer's ear is painful, trying any of the above-mentioned strategies can help you control the symptoms. Over-the-counter pain relievers can truly take the bite out of the pain, allowing you to get through your day without distractions. If you suspect you have swimmer's ear, see your doctor right away. Treating an infection early and keeping your ears dry can be an extremely effective to prevent your symptoms from becoming full-blown.

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