Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Tinitus is one of the most common forms of hearing loss. Commonly a ringing in the ears, tinitus results from a shock to the auditory nerve, which the brain translates as sound. Short exposure to loud sounds can result in a temporary ringing of the ears, which can be frustrating and a slightly painful, but will subside. Prolonged exposure can result in permanent damage.

Almost everyone that has ever been to a rock show, walked past a construction site, or even waited for a train in a subway tunnel has experienced the perception of sustained noises in the ear. These noises include not just "ringing," but also whooshing sounds, high-pitched tones, and hissing sounds. Imagine the frustration from constantly hearing these noises!

There is no cure for tinitus. An estimated 17 million people in the United States alone suffer from varying degrees of this symptom. Recently, treatments have been developed including sound therapy and herbal treatments, but a total cure still escapes us.

An Inexpensive and Readily Available Solution to Tinitus

Custom fit earplugs and ear canal plugs can prevent tinitus and other hearing damage before it occurs. By fitting snugly in your ears, damaging levels of sound are brought down to comfortable volumes. This not only reduces the risk of tinitus, but other forms of sensorineural damage as well.

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