Tinnitus Ear Plug

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Preventative Tinnitus Ear Plugs

If you occasionally suffer from a slight ringing in your ears, its not too late to get your hands on a set of tinnitus ear plugs for future prevention. Exposure to sounds around 90 dB can be sustained for a period of up to four hours without suffering any permanent hearing damage, but you may suffer from a temporary loss of hearing and a persistent ringing in your ears. Although it is normal for your ears to ring for a few minutes after exposure to loud noises (anywhere from 90-140 dB), it is not healthy.

The symptom of a ringing in your ears is another name for tinnitus. Extreme cases of tinnitus, involve a non-stop noise in your ear, caused by damage to the auditory nerve that the brain interprets as noise. The noise can range form a high-pitched ringing to a slowly modulating tone to a whoosh which reportedly sounds similar to the ocean shore.

Important in preventing tinnitus ear plugs are an inexpensive investment in your health. Cheap ear plugs cost no more than a few dollars, and can go along way towards preventing permanent damage to your hearing. The benefits are many, and the sacrifice small--all that you have to do is remember to wear them.

Preventing Ear Infections with Ear Plugs

Quality earplugs can do more than prevent tinnitus. They can also prevent swimmer's ear, a type of ear infection caused by the growth of bacteria in your ear canal. The best ear plugs form a seal with the skin of your ear, keeping out water and eliminating the risk of ear infections.

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