Water Clogged Ears

Written by Amy Hall
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There is nothing worse than water clogged ears. When water becomes trapped in your ear canal, it affects your hearing and your balance. Incoming noises and words sound muffled, and you may find that your ability to balance is off kilter a bit. Furthermore, water that is not removed becomes stagnant in the ear canal, increasing your chances of developing an outer ear infection.

There are some fantastic remedies that can help you ward off water clogged ears for good. First, if you are an avid swimmer, you may want to consider using earplugs that will seal off the opening of your ear canal to water. Silicone putty molds are excellent because you can conform them to the individual shape of your own ears.

You can also keep your ear canals free of trapped moisture by using an ear dryer after swimming or showering. This small device is inserted into the opening of the ear, and when it is turned on, a fan distributes warm air throughout the canal. Within a minute, all trapped water should be completely dried up, thus preventing swimmer's ear from taking hold.

Banish Water Clogged Ears for Good

When you take some simple steps to keep your ears clean and dry, you will virtually eliminate your chances of developing outer ear infections. In general, ear dryers are lightweight and portable, operate on batteries, and sometimes come with multiple heads so every member of the family can safely use the device. If you do not have an ear dryer, you can substitute your hairdryer, just be certain that you set it to cool, as a hot setting could burn your ear and skin around your ear.

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