Adrenal Insufficiency

Written by Jen Nichol
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Candida can stem from adrenal insufficiency due to weak adrenal glands, the organs that help us regulate stress responses, energy, and blood pressure. When these organs become taxed, the person can feel insufficiently rested, unwell, and stressed out. It's so important to maintain the proper functioning of these glands in order to live happy, healthy lives.

Adrenal insufficiency affects every part of us. We have a difficult time functioning in our day-to-day tasks, much less staying healthy, when we are fatigued. Yeast infections are one symptom of poorly functioning adrenal glands, as are hypoglycemia and low sex drive.

Adrenal Insufficiency Results in Candida

There are, however, nutritional supplements and herbal products that can have a profound effect on how well our adrenal glands are working. These supplements can allow us to feel healthy and vigorous again. Herbs can help us balance our bodies and our psyches, creating a stronger platform of health from which we can make better decisions and lead stronger, more balanced lives.

Candida is an uncomfortable ailment that leaches energy and well-being from our systems. Getting the herbal support we need to combat adrenal insufficiency makes sense for anyone who suffers from this illness and the resultant fatigue and diminished capacity for enjoyment. We have all heard of brain fog and chronic fatigue syndrome, and more and more people are discovering the efficacy of herbal supplements on these discomforts.

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