Candida Diet

Written by Jen Nichol
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People who suffer from candida are often relieved to find that herbal supplements and a "candida diet" can help. Candida is an insidious ailment, sneaking up on us slowly and quietly, as we are bombarded by the toxins of the everyday world. However, powerful herbal supplements and the right candida diet can reverse this ailment.

We all need a little candida in our systems. Candida, in small amounts, is a beneficial yeast that keeps us healthy and alive. However, when it gets out of hand, we succumb to fatigue and loss of life-force, experiencing changed sleep and appetite.

The Candida Diet Stresses Fresh Foods

The candida diet stresses a lot of high-quality distilled or spring water. Also, all food eaten should be as fresh and pure as possible, to avoid loading the body with more toxins. Fresh greens, lemon juice, and fish are all beneficial, as are herbal supplements.

Keeping ourselves healthy should be the main priority of every one of us. When we are listless, and experience poor sleep and brain fog, we simply cannot enjoy life. The right candida diet and herbs can make a profound difference in how we run our lives.

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