Cognitive Impairment

Written by Jen Nichol
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Why is it that more and more people are feeling fuzzy thinking, brain fog, cognitive impairment? So many people are reporting that they are having trouble concentrating, thinking, and getting their work done. One reason could be the very common ailment of candida overgrowth, which affects physical energy and mental acuity.

When the candida in our systems grows out of proportion to what is healthy, it can cause a number of uncomfortable situations. It is not uncommon for people suffering from candida to experience sexual disfunction, chronic fatigue, and even leaky gut. Getting this yeast back into balance can help us regain the physical, mental, and emotional energy we crave.

Cognitive Impairment Can Be Corrected

Knowing what is the probable cause of an issue is a huge relief, especially to people who are experiencing more and more frustration because of their lack of energy. We all want to be able to be at the top of our games when it comes to work, family, and recreation, but it is difficult to do so when our bodies are under siege. Candida overgrowth throws the body so out of balance that we simply cannot rally our collective forces to ride valiantly toward our goals.

We all create our own health, but with so many destructive forces in the environment, it's really vital to keep tabs on our inner balances. Recurring yeast infections, cognitive impairment, and other low-energy ailments can all be eliminated with the right candida treatment. People who suffer from candida are finding that herbal supplements give quick and powerful relief from the symptoms, like cognitive impairment, and the underlying cause.

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