Food Allergies

Written by Jen Nichol
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Food allergies are more serious than they sound. People who suffer from these types of allergies can become very uncomfortable throughout the day. They can suffer from rashes, poor sleep, and fatigue as a result from being sensitive to certain types of food.

Often, food allergies, like many other gastro-intestinal disturbances, are a result of unhealthy levels of candida yeast in our systems. In small amounts, this yeast is beneficial, but at elevated levels our bodies go haywire. What keeps us healthy can make us sick, and cause issues like food allergies, when our bodies are out of balance.

Candida Can Cause Food Allergies

At no point in the human life, can extreme, unbalanced levels of anything in our bodies be left alone if we want to live life optimally. Anything in the world that is considered healthy, even water and sunlight, can be disastrous in huge amounts. Herbal candida treatments focus in supporting the body, and getting healthy candida levels back in order.

There are beneficial foods for people with candida, and these foods should be as fresh and alive as possible. Old, packaged, and altered foods should not be eaten by anyone, much less by a person with candida. Health is not a hit-or-miss proposition; it is an achievable way of being that is well worth pursuing.

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