Immune Deficiency

Written by Jen Nichol
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Immune deficiency is one of the primary causes of candida overgrowth. Intestinal candida proliferation occurs when the body is under a great deal of stress. Sadly, with so many toxins in our environment, this situation is becoming more and more common.

There are, however, ways to reduce immune deficiency and to improve the body's health. A combination of diet and top-quality herbal supplements has proved to be efficacious for many people who suffer from depressed immune systems, candida issue, and other ailments. Herbal supplements act as powerful support for the body, wiping out imbalances and lending strength to important internal systems.

Links Between Immune Deficiency and Candida

Candida overgrowth has been found to be responsible for a number of ailments, including reflux disease, recurring vaginal yeast infections, mental tiredness, and chronic fatigue. When a depressed immune system contributes to a candida issue, there begins to be a downward spiral of yeast-related issues that can be life-threatening. It's critical to get the proper dietary and nutritional support to reverse the process.

Immune deficiency and candida-related illnesses have also been linked to diets high in sugar, since sugar metabolizes at a speed that encourages yeast proliferation. Immunocompromised people need to be aware of treatments for candida overgrowth. Taking care of this unbalance can really lend our bodies the strength they need to begin to pursue health.

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