Intestinal Candida

Written by Jen Nichol
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Many people know that we need a certain amount of intestinal candida in our systems to stay vibrant and healthy. However, this is one instance in which "If a little is good, a lot must be better!" High levels of candida in our systems cause devastating health issues, including recurring vaginal infections, a compromised immune system, gastro-intestinal illness, and a number of other difficult-to-deal with ailments.

Intestinal candida can quickly get out of balance, especially in the modern era. Candida overgrows when we have been subjected to to many toxins and environmental stresses. Now that we have all heard warnings about our air, water, and general environment, it makes a lot more sense that more and more people are suffering from candida overgrowth.

Intestinal Candida Has Far-Reaching Effects

What many people are unaware of is that candida overgrowth can also contribute to depression. However, when we think about the effects of a tired, listless body, combined with all of the frustration generated by "brain fog," it makes sense that depression would be waiting in the wings. Often, getting our candida levels under control can make a world of difference to our overall health.

Intestinal candida can be treated with powerful herbal candida remedies. These supplements are natural, so they don't exacerbate the illness by introducing synthetics into the system. When we can cure candida while supporting our health, we know we are on the right track.

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