Saw Palmetto For Men

Written by Sierra Rein
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According to many human trials, the extracted oil from the saw palmetto plant contains many healing properties for men. For hundreds of years, Native American men would take saw palmetto to reduce urinal pains, enuresis, atrophy of the testes, impotence, inflammation of the prostate, and low libido. In the last 50 years, studies have finally proven why the herb is one of the 10 best-selling alternative remedies for the symptoms of prostate cancer.

For men, the active ingredients in saw palmetto are fatty acids and phyto (plant) sterols. These chemicals have been proven to inhibit the DHT hormone in the male body. DHT (otherwise known as dihydrotestosterone) is the male hormone that, once converted from testosterone by the enzyme testosterone 5-alpha-reductas, is directly connected with the enlargement of the prostate gland.

Some tests on the effects of saw palmetto have also recognized the possibility that the extract may be able to block the effects of testosterone on male pattern hair loss. Others have theorized other possible uses, including treatment of diabetes, diarrhea, bladder inflammation, intestinal spasms, sperm production, testicular atrophy, high blood pressure, and hormone imbalances. Most scientists agree that further testing needs to take place before the plant extract can conclusively offer these benefits.

Other Benefits of Taking Saw Palmetto for Men

While other prostate hormone drugs (such as Proscar) are quite expensive, saw palmetto extract is comparably cheaper. Research has also shown that the palm herb results in fewer adverse side effects than other hormonal drugs. There may be some negative drug interactions with certain heart disease medications or hormonal replacement treatments; men who are taking drugs of any sort should consult with their doctors before taking saw palmetto as a supplement.

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